FREE Microchip Event Re-Scheduled! Sweet deal launches new microchip campaign!

FREE microchip for pets and 50% off “Chicago Chip”ice cream for people
We’re partnering with Chicago Animal Care and Control to get a new education campaign underway about the importance of microchipping and tagging pets. It starts with a special launch event on Monday, June 18th, at the Original Rainbow Cone ice cream store at 9233 S. Western Avenue from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Microchips, including registration, are FREE to the first 100 pets (cats must be in carriers, dogs secured with collars and leashes). Their people are rewarded with 50% off a “Chicago Chip” ice cream cone! 
The Original Rainbow Cone store is a Chicago classic–and a new community partner eager to help spread the word about microchipping. We’ll have the Animobile on site with a veterinarian and vet techs to administer the chips, a crew of volunteers registering the chips on the spot, and other folks helping direct visitors and their animals.
Making sure your pet has microchip identification and collar I.D. tags is the best way to help your pet find its way back home to you if ever lost. Don’t think it can happen? Tell that to the 22,000 animals sitting in the city shelter every year waiting for someone to come and claim them. If every pet had a microchip they could tell us exactly who their people are and how to reconnect with them.
This new campaign incorporates printed posters like the one you see here, radio spots, and a public service announcement for TV. Materials are being produced in English and Spanish to reach as many people in our community as possible. The campaign urges pet owners to “Give your pet a voice. Get your pet microchipped and tagged today.”
Come out and join the fun, even if your pet is already chipped! The neighborhood is welcoming, the store is a treasure–and the ice cream is like none you’ve ever had before!
For more details and a map to the event location please click HERE.