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FCACC Amazing Animal Advocate Shout-Out – Sheri Berliner

Animal advocate and award-winning photographer Sheri Berliner is on the speed dial of many a Chicagoland pet-lover and sheri berliner chicago animal activistrescue organization – and for good reason. With over 30 years of experience photographing pets and people, she has cultivated an enviable broad-based network with an uncanny ability to connect homeless creatures with those looking for the next furry love-of-their lives. She has also personally saved the lives of thousands of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice, birds and rabbits.

It all started one day in 1989, with a co-worker’s casual mention of two kittens her husband planned to drown that evening. Luckily, Mcintosh and Bugsy

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FCACC Partnering with Safe Humane Chicago

Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control Partnering with Safe Humane Chicago to Help Court Case Dogs Find Forever Homes

Court Case Dogs truly beat the odds. They have been given a second chance at a great life thanks to a long line of heroes: The police; animal control officers; the justice system; Chicago Animal Care and Control (“CACC”); Safe Humane’s Court Advocates, volunteers, dog training and behavior professionals; partnering rescue groups; and the families that welcome them into their homes.

Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control and Safe Humane Chicago have been partners in saving lives since 2010, when Safe Humane Chicago’s Court Case Dog program first begun.

It wasn’t long ago that Chicagoland animals seized from neglectful or criminally charged owners were viewed solely as evidence. They were rescued, but then languished in a cage until their owners’ court cases concluded. Unlike their owners, these dogs did the time, but not the crime. After they satisfied their evidentiary role, these dogs were typically euthanized.

The Court Case Dog Program was a first step toward justice for these animals. What began in January 2010 as a partnership between Safe Humane Chicago, Best Friends Animal Society and CACC to advocate for, support and re-home these animals is now a thriving program managed by Safe Humane.

Since that time, Safe Humane has taken hundreds of dogs into its program. After the dogs have been either voluntarily relinquished by their owners or transferred by court order to the City of Chicago, a team of dedicated volunteers, professional dog trainers and behavior consultants focus on helping the dogs reach their full potential. The dogs are walked, participate in obedience and manners classes, and run in playgroups with other dogs off leash. Through Safe Humane’s partnerships with rescue organizations, like Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control, these Court Case Dogs then find loving homes.

Safe Humane will also provide the family that adopts a Court Case Dog with training and behavior support.

Some of the Court Case Dogs transferred to Safe Humane’s program have endured especially unjust treatment. All Safe Humane dogs are behaviorally assessed, and then provided with the training, socialization, enrichment opportunities, and love that they need to become wonderful companions.

The Court Case Dogs’ resilience and ability to move beyond their histories and into forever families’ hearts is awe-inspiring.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a Court Case Dog through Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control, please contact Kat Budrean at