Fostering an animal from FCACC is the single most important thing that you can do to save lives.  The City of Chicago rescues thousands of animals and our foster program is in place to get these animals out of a cage and into a warm loving home while waiting for adoption.  Simply put, we save the lives of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who do not stand a chance of survival in a high stress shelter environment.  Our program focuses on the animals that are the most vulnerable and the time commitment varies.  Some animals require a little bit of TLC and veterinary care and others may need a place to recover for a few weeks.

The FCACC foster program is always looking for individuals or families who can provide a loving home environment for these animals.  Let us know what kind of a commitment you can make and we can match you with the right  foster animal.  When you open up your home to these wonderful animals you will see gratitude and hope in their eyes.   Fostering for FCACC lets a shelter animal know that life can be filled with food, care and love.

To apply to foster please use our FCACC Foster Application that will download an MS Word form automatically. Please fill it out and return it to Jenny at

Thank you for helping Chicago’s neediest pets!